What’s up with this property market?

OMG!  I can’t believe the Offers that buyers are submitting!

Rumor has it that John Lansner of the Orange County Register does not own ANY property,  yet he has set himself up to advise an entire County (Orange County, California), as to how to invest in the largest expenditure of a person’s life! YOUR investment and YOUR life!

How is this possible?

Would YOU allow a brain surgeon to operate on your tumor, if he had not done this before?  Would you let him loose, if he did not have an active role in recent brain surgery – no hands-on experience?  Let me see if I can get this right? ……  I have no hands-on experience in fixing a car – I’ve only seen it done by others,  but I will call myself an expert because I can write about it? And then I will derive an income from that writing, despite the fact that people lose money because of my lack of hands-on and current experience?

How can someone who is NOT a property owner, advise an entire County in the ways of property investment, over those who are experiencing the market first-hand on a daily basis and who are not only qualified but tested on the subject?

We received an Offer today of $600,000, on a property that Appraised at $970,000!  $370,000 lower than Appraisal?  THIS is what John Lansner is doing….  he is encouraging buyers to low-ball sellers and you know what is happening?  Sellers are being insulted and rejecting those Offers!

 What we are hearing is “But the Newspaper says that we should……” and our answer is: “And you believe that garbage?  Words written by a person who does not even own his own property?”

Buyers are wasting their time in submitting insulting Offers.  They are wasting the time of their Realtors, too,  who should have better sense than to even submit those ridiculous Offers!

So,  the person leading the troops to the front line, is NOT a General?  In fact he is not even a Private!  And you trust this person to lead you to slaughter?


We have investors who assume that properties are up for foreclosure, purely because those properties have languished on the market for a while.  What gives people the right to make that assumption?  Not all properties are subject to NOD (Notice of Default), Bankcruptcy, Short Sale and Foreclosure.  Sometimes sellers genuinely want to sell their property and ask a fair price for a quality property.  A property that will yield a tenfold profit.

OK,  try this:
The economy is not at its best, right? Supermarket chains are vying for customers to the point where they will try to undercut each other, yes?

The next time you visit your local chain store supermarket,  take a $1 can of beans….  go to the check out counter and offer them .05c and just watch what they do!

Think you’ll get the beans?  I don’ think so!

Yet,  that is what people do with property – the BIGGEST purchase that anyone ever makes in a lifetime!  The security for their future…  their kids college fund ….  their retirement!

Sheesh!  What’s up with THIS picture?

Back to the beans:

You: I’ll offer you .05c for this can of beans.

Supermarket: Um….  the label price is $1.

You: But John Lansner says that I can offer 10% below list price, so I am offering .90.  Now if YOU don’t get paid,  I can take another .03c off the price. 

Supermarket:  But that makes this can of beans .87c, when the shelf price is $1 and why shouldn’t I get paid?  Don’t you get paid for what YOU do?

You:  Of course I get paid, but the market is bad and you don’t deserve to be paid. Well,  since you are not earning anything for the sale,  we think that the distributor shouldn’t earn anything either,  so that’s another .03c off,  making it .84.  What the heck…  the market is so bad right now and beans are not selling,  so let’s take off another .75c.  That brings the ‘worth’ of the can of beans to .09c,  which makes my offer of .05c an attractive Offer!

 Go on….  try that the next time you go shopping and see how it works!  Then ask John Lansner to go shopping with you,  so that he can take the flak that the supermarket lashes out!

See,  it’s all very well to sit in an ivory tower, being paid a salary, whilst issuing useless advice that simply devastates an entire industry and results in buyers making fools of themselves…..  but some of us work in the REAL world.  The REAL world where people still envisage a home – a sanctuary – freedom of tenure and security for our families,  and the John Lansner’s and the Robert Allen’s of this world are not in this for YOUR security…  they are in, it for what’s in it for THEM!

 Don’t be taken in.  Don’t be brain-washed by those who advise you how to buy property, but themselves do not own property!

Deal with a reputable Realtor who works in this market everyday and whose reputation is steeped in the success of past sales to happy clients.

The proof is in the tasting.  Taste only from those who know how to cook, because tasting from one who does not know how to cook, could cost you your life!

Rose-Marie & Althea
The OC Dream Home Team

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