Are the Holidays a Good Time To Buy Property?

Most will say not!  Most people will tell you that the holidays are a time when buyers concentrate on holiday shopping, preparation and merry-making.

This is the myth that ‘they’ would like you to believe so that ‘they’ can get in and scoop up the ‘pickin’s’ at low prices!

True, many sellers put their homes on the market in the summer, for a quick sale and then pull the property off the market in the fall, when prices tend to dip, families visit for the holidays, etc. This is normal and it happens every year!

The fact of the matter is that serious buyers will buy when it suits THEM to buy and if a serious buyer needs to be moved by December 24th,  they will be house hunting over the holidays and request a quick Escrow!

Two years ago,  at the very peak of property prices, we concluded an Escrow in one week – yup,  7 days!  Admittedly,  we would not want to work like that all the time, but when it is needed by the client, we pull out all stops to make it happen.

Escrow closed on December 24th,  which means that while everyone else was doing their holiday shopping, wrapping gifts and preparing the holiday menu,  our clients were out with us,  looking at property.

It is unfortunate that they had so little inventory to choose from,  being as many sellers had withdrawn their homes, but the buyer found a property that they fell in love with and were in and unpacked by January 1!

In this market,  we are seeing a lot of investors who are throwing out low-ball offers. To be honest, many of these offers amount to nothing more than an insult and a waste of time, but a serious buyer will offer a fair price and will see the Escrow through to the end.

A serious seller will consider that fair offer and accept it, even if there are conditions to the sale.

What results, are satisfied sellers who gets what they want (they sale of the property), and elated buyers who now have their own home!

Between them lie very happy Realtors who are once again happy that they were able to grant wishes.

It’s wonderful to be the fairy godmothers of Real Estate!

Happy house-hunting!

Rose-Marie & Althea
The OC Dream Home Team
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