December – Home for the Holidays

Your Home – Holiday Safety
The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with your loved ones. To ensure a safe and festive holiday season this year, don’t forget about safety. Each year, families across the country face unintentional damage and even injury because they fail to take basic precautions when decorating for the holidays. Below are some safety tips that will help you make the most of your holidays:

· If you own an artificial tree, make sure it is flame retardant and if you opt for a live tree, make sure the needles are green and fresh

· When hanging Christmas lights, make sure they are in good condition and free of frayed wires or exposed metal and never overload your circuits

· If you burn candles in your home, keep them at least 3 feet from any holiday decorations including your tree

· Leaving your cooking unattended is the leading cause of home fires, be sure to keep an eye on your meal and always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen

· If you have pets or children in your home, be sure to keep all decorations out of reach and don’t use tinsel as it is a choking hazard · Never place your Christmas tree or wrapping paper in the fireplace

Enjoy your holiday season and have a great new year by being safe and using common sense when using any heating appliance, hanging decorations, or cooking in your home.
Finances – Giving and Saving
With all the traveling, cooking, and gift giving taking place, the holidays can add up fast. By planning ahead and setting your budget ahead of time, you can enjoy the holidays just as much without breaking your budget. When it comes to saving over the holidays, first track your largest expenses. For most these involve travel costs, gifts, and food / treats. When it comes to travel, book as early as possible and be sure to comparison shop on the internet for the best deals. You can also save more if you are flexible with your dates. For those who are entertaining and hosting this year, try to plan on what you need and see how much you can save by purchasing in bulk. Although most people try their best to plan ahead and avoid last minute stress, going to the store for those last minute items means you’ll be paying more. A good example is wine- by purchasing a case instead of individual bottles, you can often save upwards of 20% and even more if you shop at a club store.

When gift giving, don’t forget to calculate all the extra odds and ends because they really add up. For example, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and even sales tax will all drive the cost of gift giving up. If you plan on shipping gifts this year, ship them early and avoid paying the higher fees for air which can end up costing up to 5x more.

Personal Interest – The New Year
The New Year is approaching quickly and for many people, this involves making resolutions. Come February, however, most resolutions are but a distant memory as people slip back into their lifestyle. If you are planning a change for the New Year, you can improve your chances of following through by first writing down your goals and keeping the list in a conspicuous place. You are also much more likely to succeed with your goals if you inform others about what you are doing so they can support you- odds are you’ll even find others who want to participate with you by joining a gym or participating in classes.

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Happy house-hunting!

Rose-Marie & Althea
The OC Dream Home Team

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