Summer is here and so is the heat!

Oh, my gosh! I come from Equatorial Africa and one would expect that this heat would be something that I’d be used to? NOT! Since moving from Orange County to Signal Hill, I have discovered that things are a good TEN DEGREES HOTTER here!

Now add to that the fact that I am a woman and you have ten MORE degrees! Menopause will add another ten degrees and Signal Hill is 120 degrees, to me! (she says as she reaches for the packaged frozen peas to place on her forehead!)

I kept telling my husband that the air conditioner was not working, but when I finally threw open all doors and windows and removed all screens, he called in the experts! Sure enough, Matt at Waltons A/C verified that although the air was blowing (that’s what made the noise), the air was not being cooled. My hormones could have told them that!

So, 4 tons of furnace and 3 tons of cooling system, later and I am in hog heaven!

Why 4 tons of furnace if I want to be cool? Well, the way it was explained to me, is that it’s the furnace that does the blowing but the cooling system that does the cooling (or is it the other way around?). If you have insufficient furnace to do the blowing, the cooling system has less air to cool! I am told that you always have to have equal to or more furnace to blow that that which is cooling.

In some twisted way, although I am not a heat/cooling expert by any stretch of the imagination, that made sense to me, but whatever the case, I am a happy camper with my new air system. Oh, and my office also has a swamp cooler AND a fan for those periodic ‘Power surges’!

Whoo-Hoo……I’ve got it ALL, Baby and it only cost us $4,500! Thanks Waltons (888) 992-5866)!

Althea Garner
The House Of Homes Online


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