The Start Of The Real Estate Year

The start of a new year is always busy and certainly for me, the state of  ‘mass hysteria’ only calms down around tax time – mid April.

The normal causes for being busy, usually revolve around the aftermath of the holidays, the setting up of the new years systems and preparation for Spring buyers, but this year was different.

First, let’s consider my life this time last year:
Aside from the usual causes for being busy, we had just sold our house in Fountain Valley and on February 17th, we were 2 days from moving to Signal Hill.  It was hard to down-size, but after 3 garage sales, we were left with mainly boxes.  We dumped our boxes in our new home and took off for the Bahamas! Seriously….  we didn’t open a single box!

So far, this year has included:
~ Christmas with my parents-in-law in San Diego

~ New year with the kids in Sacramento and San Jose

~ A Women’s Council Of REALTORS(R) State conference in Monterey

~ A week of being office bound, while my Broker did jury duty

~ Wrapping up 2008, capturing, scanning and shredding 2008 documents

~ Tax preparation

~ Seeing our vacation rental in the mountains, through a busy snow season

~ Setting up 2009 systems

~ Training, being tested and becoming certified for Foreclosure business

~ Listing a property in Garden Grove

And it’s ALL DONE!  Yay!  AND we’re only 7 weeks into the year!

I will admit that a large part of my time has been spent maintaining a paperless office, but I can tell you that when we get busy,  the paper can mount up in no time.  Today, for the first time in 3 months, I can actually see the wood surface of my desk and you have NO idea how good that feels!

With the property market picking up during the first week of the year, real estate has been extremely busy, too and every day starts with a ton of phone calls to get back to those wishing to buy or sell. I try to work with only 6 clients at a time. Realistically,  any more than that and I am not devoting quality time to any of them. Right now, I have 37 active clients on my books and am in dire need of paring back.  Some of these clients will disqualify themselves, by virtue of the fact that they didn’t qualify for a loan or the market isn’t in a good place for them to sell,  so these clients will be placed on hold till later in the year, as we repair their credit, allow them time to save a little more or simply allow the sellers time to de-clutter their homes in preparation for listing.

Still,  all things considered, it has been a dynamic start to the year and I truly believe that 2009 is going to be an excellent real estate year!

Happy house-hunting!


Althea Garner
Executive Real Estate
House Of Homes Online
(714) 264-3458

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Women’s Council of REALTORS(R):
Treasurer – 2008 (Coastal-West)
Webmaster – 2009 (Long Beach)
Editor – 2009 (Long Beach)
Education Committee – 2009 (California State)

Orange County Association of REALTORS(R):
Education Vice Chair – 2009


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  1. It’s just amazing, Althea, that the TV reports paint a much different picture than what you’re painting above. I’m still assuming, though, that most of those 37 are sellers and not buyers, though I could be wrong.

    Good for you; glad to see you’re succeeding where some others might be failing.

  2. […] the Santa Clara Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, National Association The Start Of The Real Estate Year – 02/17/2009 The start of a new year is always busy and certainly for […]

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