For Long Beach and Orange, CA buyers: Craftsman home restoration….

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Historic Hotel for Sale ~ Northern California, 13 double rooms/1 suite, corner lot, free parking. A STEAL AT $415,160!

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Death of the Mortgage Broker?

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Getting ready to start staging my new listing in Long Beach, then a client consultation. Going to be a GOOD day!

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Broker Preview Online is ready and waiting for your listings and Buyer needs ~

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Thrilled to be placing my hotel listing on the MLS today and will begin aggressive marketing, press releases and print advertising. Contact me for your investors!

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Just got back from buyers showing – 147 miles traveled, but just the nicest couple!

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A hotel for the price of a house! Read my blog:

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Northern California Hotel for price of a house!

My recent conference trip to Sacramento was a fortuitous step closer to a small town in Northern California – just a couple of miles south of the Oregon border where a hotel has gone up for sale.

The week started with the 400 mile journey to the State Capital – the city of trees (and my allergies understood this!) where the Women’s Council of REALTORS(R) met for their State conference.  Busy, busy, busy but as soon as it was over,  I headed north, deep into the Sierra’s.

North of Sacramento, heading towards the Oregon/Nevada border,  there is relatively little.  No big cities, except for Reno and its casinos and perhaps Truckee,  which is a thriving and very pretty mountain town.  The scenery quickly changes to alpine as the altitude increases and pretty soon we were at 5,000 feet.

I started noticing different rock formations evident of past volcanoes – huge erect, pock-marked rocks standing like soldiers, side by side.  Volcanoes in the South West?  Yes,  in fact Lassen Peak last erupted between 1914 and 1917, creating an interesting landscape, hot springs and the exposing of a wealth of semi-precious stones, which has become the draw for a large number of stone collectors from across the country.

Honey Lake gave its name to the earthquake fault of the Sierra-Nevada region with moderate earthquakes being experienced in the fifties and then in the seventies. No different to what we experience in Southern California.  There must, however, have been some significant earth movement over the years, as the rock strata is clearly visible above ground level.  I was told of an extinct lake near Lassen Peak and a basin that was created when the earth fell many hundreds of feet, creating a large waterless valley. That said,  there are numerous lakes in this region, of which Honey Lake is the largest.

When I was told that the main past-time in this area was hunting, I had difficulty believing it because we traveled through so many miles of desert scrub land.  Upon reaching Modoc County,  the vegetation changes abruptly into dense forest with steep slopes.  Just the most beautiful landscape!

The town where we found the hotel, was like a small oasis as we came through the forest,  with historic homes built in Victorian times.  These homes have been beautifully preserved, with lush green lawns and sweeping flower beds and herbaceous borders.  Most of the old stores are still there, now playing host to a general store, offices, restaurants and yes,  real estate brokerages.

The hotel consists of 14 units, one of which is a full suite.  Comfortable and very well maitained and preserved for its 100 years, the sellers have added state-of-the-art technology with closed circuit TV, satellite TV and free Wi-Fi.  The compact but welcoming reception area doubles as the hotel gift shop, offering free newspapers, area maps, postcards, local attractions and events and also serves free coffee every morning to guests.

I would not list a hotel without first sampling a stay there and I must admit that I slept very well, as all rooms have new beds and new linens.  The shower (also recently upgraded in all rooms) was just awesome after the long drive, with good pressure and piping hot water!

Oh,  and the water from the faucet is not only drinkable,  its sweet and bleach-free!

As I sat on the patio in the cool night air, listening to nothing but a chorus of frogs,  I was able to complete my day, knowing that freeways were many miles away,  the crisp air was pollution and allergy-free and that the diner would be serving a hearty breakfast in the morning – just as they had provided a sumptuous dinner!

My question was if this hotel is in such a remote area,  where do its guests come from?  Because the towns are small and remote,  anyone traveling from Oregon to Central and/or Southern California would very likely stay here.  Also,  there are numerous work crews (including geologists and paleantologists) in the area throughout the year,  that provide healthy income.

The hotel, owned by a corporation, has been appraised and is listed at a mere $414,160,  which includes the property, buildings, contents and the flourishing business!  Appraisal and financial records will be provided to serious buyers only, upon signature of a confidentiality agreement.


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Wrapping up 2 contracts today – showing property, later!

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