Will work for food!

There’s just nothing like standing on the center median of a busy intersection, holding a sign that says “WILL WORK FOR FOOD!”, but I did! It didn’t feel good, but this really IS what our economy has brought us to and there’s no escaping the fact that some folks can’t afford to feed their families.

Last week, a Huntington Beach, CA teen (18) went to school on his birthday and returned home to find that his parents had moved – without him! To be sure, it’s not just pets that are being abandoned in these troubled times.

Two months ago, 12 real estate agents at Exit Realty All Professional, Port Saint Lucie, got together to organize a food drive in conjunction with the Treasure Coast Food Bank – We called it ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’. Two weeks ago, there were only 5 of us left. At set up this morning, there were only four us involved and by 10am, three of us remained, not counting the management.

Having handed out over 2,000 flyers in the community, advertised on radio, social networks and in the newspaper, the ONLY people who turned up to this free bar-b-q event, were two vendors who arrived heavily laden with food for the needy. This is so sad! A dollar…. that’s all it would have cost to support needy neighbors!

I will say this: Standing on the corner of Port Saint Lucie Blvd and Airoso, twirling my hand scrawled “Will work for food” sign, brought some quizzical looks! Most of those who stopped and handed me a one dollar bill, did not make eye contact, but I was grateful, all the same. For those readers who live outside of Florida, let me tell you that it was H-O-T out there and extremely humid and I now have far greater respect for the homeless people on various corners who do this daily!

Yes, we have to walk a mile in their shoes, to understand just how hard it really is, so next time you see someone begging for food, offer a cheery smile and cough up a dollar – they might not be the dead-beat you thought they were and who knows ~ God forbid that next week, next month or next year we could be collecting food for you!

My very sincere thanks to Beckie and Robert Fordin of ABOVE & BEYOND CLEANING SERVICES (772) 237-2267 and Danielle and Howard Schweitzer of Kleen-Rite Restoration Inc.. (561) 997-2212, for their tremendous support and very generous donations!

Althea Garner
(772) 626-1768


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, anyway l love your site layout. Is nice and clean.

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