Top Gear, With the Top Down!

My philosophy has always been ‘If it isn’t working, turn the page, close the book and move on’ and this week was no different, as I moved to a new brokerage.

In the three months that I have been in Port Saint Lucie, I have been wooed by many brokerages, however, in the final analysis, I felt that the one I chose, just wasn’t a good fit for me. Let me explain:

As a digital REALTOR(R) I do a lot of my work on the computer. Like today’s buyers, I use the computer to source suitable properties for them to preview, I look up tax records, square footage and property history using the computer and I stay in touch with the property market (both in my area and nationally) using my computer.

In order to sell the listings entrusted to me by my clients, I advertise on all the major property web sites and develop virtual tours, electronic magazines, unique ‘single property’ web sites and videos in order to attract buyers.

I am glued to my Blackberry in order to source property information while on the run and to keep in touch with my sellers via phone, e-mail and text message.

Because I am licensed in both Florida and California, I employ digital signatures for document signing, so being on the cutting edge of technology is vitally important for me to serve my clients ~ both buyers and sellers! Working with a team of people who still do business ‘the old fashioned’ way, is like being the only person in the world, with a phone – there’s no-one on the other side to talk to and this doesn’t help my clients!

From the moment I walked into Preferred Realty Executives on Port Saint Lucie Blvd, I felt as though I had arrived ‘home’! I could ‘smell’ technology and it was like a breath of fresh air after being under water for too long – it was like coming back from the dead! It’s as simple as this: you can have the fastest computer in the world, but if your office connection is as S-L-O-W as molasses, you will work as slowly as the slowest person in the office! If there are 6 people in the office and only 2 phone lines, how many clients can you contact? This is not what today’s buyer or seller expects of their agent, right?

I have achieved more in my first two days at PRE, than I have achieved in the last two weeks and it feels GOOD to be moving at my old pace ~ I only have one speed and that is ‘top gear’. Anything less is like pushing a new Corvette on the freeway!

So now that I have the keys in the ignition, hop in and let’s take that ride together – top gear, with the top down!

Althea Garner
Exit Beach Cities Realty
Preferred Realty Executives
Your House Of Homes Online
DRE 01516817

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Women’s Council of REALTORS(R):
VP Membership – 2010 (South Orange County)
Treasurer – 2008 (Coastal-West)
Webmaster – 2009 (Long Beach)
Editor – 2009 (Long Beach)
Education Committee – 2009 (California State)

Orange County Association of REALTORS(R):
Education Vice Chair – 2009

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