Murder ~ The New Plague On REALTORS(R)

More and more we read about real estate agents found murdered at vacant properties and with the rising number of foreclosed properties, agents have become easy targets for rapists and killers!

A California agent was found stabbed to death a couple of months ago … two weeks ago two agents were murdered in Ohio and we have to ask ourselves what we are doing to protect ourselves and our clients? How many agents carry mace or weapons?

One can argue that our GE keys can track our whereabouts, based on the last Supra I-box that was opened, however, most vacant foreclosed properties have combo boxes, which do not have radio frequency.

Ted Cernak, of Costa Mesa, California designed a GPS ‘fob’ device compact enough to attach to one’s key chain, which would silently summon law enforcement at the press of a button! This device can be used anywhere, at any time: in the parking lot late at night, on vacation in a foreign country or in the event of a fall, heart attack or car accident.

I would invite Mr Cernak to give readers more information on this life-preserving device, by posting his response at this blog.

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  1. Here is a related article about the slayings and some good tips for REALTORS(R):

  2. A Global Life-Line for Lone Realtors

    Conducting a real estate practice almost by definition puts agents in potentially hazardous situations. A lone agent conducting an open house is often alone and knows nothing about the person walking in the door.

    According to the NAR, 67% of realtors have experienced safety concerns while working. One in four has been involved in incidents or harassing situations while on the job. The recent murders of two Ohio realtors made national news; most you never hear about.

    We face potentially tragic situations every day that can include medical emergencies, automobile accidents, natural disasters, being victimized, threatened or lost. Global Life-Line meets the threat of personal danger by placing safety at your fingertips with the worlds most advanced and effective personal safety device. One that provides an instant connection to emergency services personnel. A defensive system for extreme situations when dialing 911 is unrealistic or impossible.

    What is Global Life-Line?

    A patented, GPS enabled, Personal Emergency Response and Locator that works inside and out, on the job or off, 24/7, 365. Hurt, lost in trouble… press the button and Global Life-Line can help save your life by silently transmitting your identity, exact location and optional contact and medical information to emergency services.

    Global Life-Line features a simple user interface consisting of an On/Off switch, USB battery charging port, an emergency panic button and a lighted reassurance system that confirms signal transmission and receipt. GLL is packaged as a key fob, similar to the remote that locks and unlocks your car. Product dimensions are 2 1/8 x 1 1/2 x 3/4 inches. Weight is 1.4 ounces. Global Life-Line helps you meet the threat of personal danger for as little as 80¢ a day.

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