Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cancer

Most of my blogs are about or connected to the real estate world, in some way shape or form, but when I saw this news article today, I felt compelled to take a different direction:

ABC News ~ Combination hormone therapy linked to breast cancer deaths

You see, for many years, I have believed that the US is killing its people!

Prior to coming to the US, I lived in Africa and was happy, healthy and of normal weight. Within the first 8 months of being in the US, I lost 54 lbs and finally, when I collapsed, my son begged me to stop eating meat – ‘Just for a little while’, he pleaded. For two years, my diet was completely meat-free (not vegetarian) and surprisingly, I gained in both strength and weight. Then I gradually reintroduced meat into my diet and now 15 years later, I am overweight!

My initial massive weight loss was caused by an allergic reaction to hormones injected into food-producing animals, intended to raise the meat-to-bone ratio, so that the food industry may get a better return on sales. Continued ingestion of these hormones, increases the meat-to-bone ratio in people, resulting in weight gain and osteoporosis – both of which are conditions that are epidemic in the US!

Is it any wonder why the US is overweight? With a society of people eating cheap fast food, which is heavily laden with hormone-filled meat, deep-fried in cholesterol-increasing oil and pumped full of salt (for taste) and preservatives, we should not be surprised at the death toll! But this menu is encouraged because it supports the pharmaceutical industry, which churns out billions of dollars in pills prescribed for the health issues caused by ‘affordable’ meals!

The indoctrination starts at a very young age, with parents taking their children to fast food outlets for breakfast and entertainment. It follows them through their school years as parents provide children with lunch money – two fast food burgers quell hunger pangs better than one over-priced salad. You only have to witness the road verges, where students get off the bus – go ahead…. just count the fast food containers that litter your suburb on a daily basis!

Doctors are too quick to prescribe chemical drugs for simple disorders, many of which create more issues than they are intended to cure. A colleague recently commented “So you’re a Lipitor survivor, are you?” … it was only when I stopped taking Lipitor for high cholesterol, that I realized how sick it had made me and how extremely well I felt without it!

In an attempt to control the rising population, women are encouraged to take birth control pills – hormones. Then, when they reach menopause and all its debilitating effects, doctors are quick to provide relief in the form of hormone replacement therapy. When my doctor suggested HRT for my frequent and extremely uncomfortable hot flashes, I declined, suspecting that there might be a link between hormones and breast cancer and since my sister had lost a breast to the disease, I believed that I needed to be cautious.

Is there any way to get away from hormones and chemical cures? And is it any wonder why cancer deaths are so frighteningly high? There is no medical confirmation of this, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if one day soon, we are informed that there is a link between chemical drugs and Alzheimer’s disease!

Is it remotely possible that the US is killing its people in an attempt to boost the pharmaceutical industry?

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